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Presenting a Personal Growth Program
Looking for a personal growth workshop for your organization?

Contact Jerry for availability of these valuable workshops.

  • Five Things You Need for a Balanced Life

  • Find Your Life Purpose

  • How to Succeed in Your Life's Career

  • The Ultimate Goal Setting Process

  • Build a Team that Rocks!

Personal Development Workshop

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Announcing New Personal Growth Resources

Personal Growth ResourcesAre you growing personally and professionally? My new portfolio of Effective and Affordable Personal Growth Resources will support your personal and professional growth activities whether you're a "do-it-yourselfer" or working with a coach.

The Fundamentals of Successful Goal Setting: A Workbook is now available for download, along with Positive Affirmations to Power Your Goals, and a Work/Life Balance Workbook. These personal and professional growth tools are free and awaiting your download. More will be added soon, so sign up for the mailing list (to the right) to stay informed of new tools for growth .

offering a variety of fixed-cost life skills coaching programs

Pick the area for personal growth that fits your needs: Life Purpose, Balanced Life, Career Advancement, Career Transition, and more.

You won't need to wonder how long it will take and how much it will end up costing. These fixed duration, special-focus personal growth coaching packages will provide the personal growth you're looking for - I guarantee it.*

Personal Growth Programs in these important life areas:

  • - Life Purpose – find meaning and purpose in everyday life.
  • - Balanced Life – get back to a balance of life.
  • - Career Advancement – build on your strengths for even greater success.
  • - Successful Career Transition – make your next job the career of your dreams.
  • - Personal Growth Plan – focus on eighteen important life skills with this sample personal growth program.
How Does it work?

Enroll in a specialized coaching program to receive intensive, dedicated coaching on the specific area of personal growth and life improvement you select. You'll work with your coach during telephone conferences set up to meet your particular schedule. No need to dress up, drive to a meeting, or pay for parking. You'll learn valuable life skills in the comfort of your own home.

How does this differ from other coaching?

You'll know exactly how much it will cost and how long it will take. You will make progress in the area of life growth you choose. I guarantee it.

Most coaching arrangements are open-ended. There's nothing wrong with that. Many people benefit greatly from an extended period of coaching. But these days it's especially important to control your expenses, and many people prefer to know in advance how much they're going to spend for the product and services they purchase.

What People Say About Jerry's Coaching

"You are a very effective coach. I was just thinking the other day about how far I've come in realizing accomplishments I had dreamed of." ~Brenda L.

"...expressing both admiration and appreciation for your help. As a matter of fact, I was thanking God today at lunch for having someone like YOU in my life!!!" ~Sherri

"...what impressed me the most is your honesty, genuine caring and passion." ~S.S.

"Jerry was able to help me clarify my mission and then align my actions to live accordingly. I have a more balanced life as a result. He has a comfortable and insightful way that makes this process comfortable. I recommend him as a coach." ~Linda B.

For more information on these Personal Growth Programs...

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Career Advancement Program >>>

Successful Career Transition Program >>>

A Comprehensive Personal Growth Program >>>

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* Enrollment fee fully refunded if requested prior to third coaching session.